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Hungarorent Car General Vehicle Rental, Service and Trading Ltd.

Year of establishment: 2005
Company registration number: 13-09-102111
Tax registration number: 13436898-2-13
Mailing address: 1475 Budapest Pf.: 161.


HUNGARORENT Car Ltd. was established in February 2005, related to changing in the ownership structure of two companies dealing with vehicle rental from 1996 and 1998. Proprietary background consists of Hungarian individuals; no foreign funds are present in the company.

The company's main business activity is vehicle rental. Our fleet includes all vehicle categories currently in use in Hungary, from the small category to the limousines. Besides a wide range of cars, we offer vans and commercial vehicles adequate for various demands, furthermore jeeps, limousines and other special vehicles via our partners.

We tried to meet every demand with our rental structures. The vehicles can be rented for a couple of days, for longer period, and with the long term rental even for years. If there is an opportunity, we do our best to provide parameters appropriate for the special needs of our customers. Our services are available to individuals as well as to companies.

With our pricing we aimed that for our customers the budget planning be the simplest and most transparent. Hence our rental charges include almost every expense, from the free kilometre rate to the insurance. All our vehicles will be delivered to the customer, and to order them an e-mail or phone call is enough.

Besides conventional rental, various special services are available. All of our vehicles can be rented with chauffeur and it is possible to return the car on abroad, after having it received in Hungary. Of course, the “one-way price”can be applied inland too.

The age of our vehicles is below four years; however, their condition is perfect, independently of the age. Being sure of this, we provide Hungaro-Assistance® Service to all our customers that guarantees delivered supplementary vehicle and other services in cases of a breakdown and accident without the Renter's responsibility.

HUNGARORENT Car Ltd. seeks to provide high standard and high quality service to its customers all the time. For the sake of this, European standards for quality assurance systems will be introduced in 2007.
The opinion and occasional critique from partners having recourse to our services have always been the basis for our company's development. We are glad to learn, if you were pleased with our service, but if you come across any bothersome experience, please do not hesitate to communicate it, so that we can resolve the problem in the future.

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Car rental with free delivery.

2010. 04. 23.

Non-stop free car delivery not only in Budapest and Ferihegy Airport, but in the suburbans as well! ( Free delivery out in Budapest!) more >>
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