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TERMS OF Hungaro-Assistance ® Service

All vehicle rental prices include Hungaro-Assistance ® Service. This means that for the breakdowns occurring during the rental period we provide substitute car with delivery for our customers if the vehicle is immobile. If the vehicle can be repaired on the spot, we provide you repair. If the vehicle is completely broken down and immobile, we will arrange the dispatch and further maintenance of it.

Our customers also entitled to services provided by Hungaro-Assistance ® Service in case they suffer an accident without responsibility and after the accident they proceed according to the Rental Contract.

Services provided by Hungaro-Assistance ® Service must be commenced on the spot by the service provider within 4 hours after the notification inland and within 8 and 12 hours on abroad. If within this period the Lessor or the person assigned by him cannot appear on the field, we will recompense for our customers the charges of the further travelling, returning to home or accommodation by insurance.

Services provided by Hungaro-Assistance ® Service are available in case the Renter suffers an accident with the rented car that originates from his/her fault. In this case, services are subject to charges.

Hungaro-Assistance ® Service covers the vehicle included in the rental contract and the application limit permitted in the rental contract only and in case the breakdown does not originate from the Renter’s negligence or improper use. The assistance service is void in case any point of the Rental Contract is violated, irrespectively if the violation of the contract itself is in correspondence with the breakdown or accident.

Our company requests assistance from Magyar Autóklub (Hungarian Automobile Association), foreign companies present inland, other associate companies and authorized representatives for services provided by Hungaro-Assistance ® Service.

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2010. 04. 23.

Non-stop free car delivery not only in Budapest and Ferihegy Airport, but in the suburbans as well! ( Free delivery out in Budapest!) more >>
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