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Customers transiting Hungary have got the opportunity for the so called one-way car rental.

With this one way car rental construction, the car can be rent anywhere in Hungary and the return of vehicle is possible at a different inland or abroad location.

There is also a possibility to receive the vehicle outside of Budapest or on abroad and to return it in Budapest.

Our customers can pick up their car outland anywhere in Europe, and drop it off in another city in Europe too.

We will always try to fully accomplish your requests, so please send an e-mail for any unique possibilities.

You have to give your exact place and dates of the pick up and drop off the car for the offer. Please consider the one way car rental is a wery special service so the one way rental price is dependent on a lot of factors. If you want to pick up and/or drop off the car not in Hungary, you have to pay a full price of one day for these days.

We will always try to fully accomplish your requests, so please call us (+ 36/30-497-7493) or ask for an offer by e-mail for any unique possibilities.
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Car rental with free delivery.

2010. 04. 23.

Non-stop free car delivery not only in Budapest and Ferihegy Airport, but in the suburbans as well! ( Free delivery out in Budapest!) more >>
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